About Firsst Hand

Born out of inquisitiveness to bring ideas to life, Firsst Hand was founded in August 2016 as a fusion of varied design disciplines of Product Design, Furniture Design and Graphic Design to provide bespoke design services.

At Firsst Hand, we believe in gathering inspiration from our surroundings and experiences. Like it’s said, beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, we constantly attempt to find and bring that beauty to your lives through our designs.

Our designs span across various mediums, inspirations and stories. And as our brand name says, the experience of creating and owning a product is “Firsst Hand” at both the ends.

The Founder

Firsst Hand is the brainchild of Sakshi Taplu. With a young and fresh mind out in the design world, Sakshi always derives inspiration from things around as she feels nothing can inspire you better than your own surroundings. A Product Designer by profession, she seeks every opportunity that challenges her design abilities and gets her creative juices flowing. She loves all things creative and just can’t resist trying her hand at various mediums.

Her brand “Firsst Hand” works on the same lines and provides the user with a variety of products and design services. She strives for the best so that end result is nothing but the best.